Database Move Finished!

[Update @ 11:50 PM PDT] Done! RabbitStats is fully moved. We’re back! πŸ™‚

[Update @ 7:00 PM PDT] 66% of the collectors have jumped to the new server. We’re still in a holding pattern till they all move. The nightly event that generates reports has been put on hold until everything has moved over.

[Update @ 2:35 PM PDT] DNS entries are still stuck on some sims. We’re just going to wait this out… in the mean time, we’ve reopened the website, but it’s showing only data that has been collected since the server got switched. As soon as the remaining few collectors on the grid start reporting back to the new server we’ll merge the two datasets… hopefully this will complete before reports are run tonight.

[Update @ 12:40 PM PDT] Still waiting on DNS entries to propagate to the whole grid. Some collectors are already talking to the new server, but there’s a few left talking to the old server. Sorry for the delay!

[Update @ 11:36 AM PDT] The critical data has been moved. Waiting for DNS entries to make it all over the grid pointing to the new server…

We’re moving the database right now! πŸ™‚

Check back here as we work. We hope to get RabbitStats back up an running in a few hours. The database is quite large and it takes a long time to move!


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