New Features: Avatar Names & Nightly Reports

We are pleased to introduce two new features today – the ability to see the avatar names of your visitors, and the ability to get nightly reports emailed to you!

Your collectors must be upgraded to version 2007-12-29-01 (or later) to use this feature. You can pick up the latest version of the collector at our in-world storefront.

There are a few things you should know about these features:

  • Two new roles have been created in the user account tool:
    • Able to view names of AVs that have visited
    • Able to receive the nightly report emails
  • Your user account must have a verified email address to receive the nightly reports.

The first new role, “Able to view names of AVs that have visited,” turns on the ability to see a listing of the AV names that have been logged from the website. You will see extra items in the dashboard and in the collector charts if your account is in this role. The AV names are posted on five minute intervals.

The second new role, “Able to receive the nightly report emails,” tells the system to send you a nightly report (generated at midnight PST) with information about your collectors, including:

  • Location of the collector
  • Average time dilation & frames per second that day
  • Total number of unique visitors
  • Average time spent per visitor
  • Total time spent by all visitors
  • A listing of all of the AV names seen that day and how long each was there

All of your collectors will appear on one report. If your account is in this role and you’d rather not receive the nightly reports, you can disable it in the preferences menu.

Again, please remember that you have to have a verified email address on file to receive reports. If you never verified your address, you can click the mailbox icon in the user account tool to resend a message that allows you to verify your account.

What else would you like to appear in the nightly report? This feature is still under heavy development and we’d really like feedback!

We have been beta testing this for a while, and it’s pretty cool. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


1 comment so far

  1. Lacy Musketeer on

    This is all very good. I am beyond satisfied that I can monitor The Rocket City FurMeet sim at any point in the day. Us sim admins also are also able to interpret the data via the RabbitStats website and see if our sim is offline, and hence file the necessary reports/trouble tickets with Linden Labs.
    I am pleased with RabbitStats’ overall professional attitude, creativity, and vision. The RabbitStats team understand what it is like to run a busy sim and it shows!

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